Backdrops – Modular

NGMC understands that the right backdrop can take your module to the next level. Our unique, matte finish vinyl material has many features and benefits you might not be aware of providing many more years use and enjoyment.

Each sheet measures 14″H x 48″W and are offered for the value price of $29 each. And as always, our standard flat rate shipping of $6.80 (US) applies no matter how many you buy. For orders outside the US we charge only actual postage.

Here are the NGMC product advantages:

* PEEL & STICK – quick installation that minimizes bubbles and stretching

* DURABLE – robust material eliminates tearing and wrinkles

* ENVIRONMENT RESISTANT – improves durability in basement and temperature swings during transport

* MATTE FINISH – smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish that aides photography

* SHARP DETAIL – printed at 200 pixels/inch (720 dpi) better than average paper printers

* CUSTOMIZABLE – all scenes can be edited or changed to match your requirements