Diecast Tractors

NGMC offers a wide array of vehicles (1/50,1/48,1/43), typically ranging from 1915 to 1953, that we have scrutinized for detail and scale.  Below is a sampling of the many vehicles we offer, and though we typically have as many as 300 pieces on the shelf, the quantities of some vary from time to time.  If you note, we annotate color variants and various designs, since trucks can be marked with different brands.

To order, we only offer these DIRECT.  These can not be bought from this page due to unknown availability.  Please contact us directly at sales@narrowgaugemodeling.com for availability and ordering instructions.


'17 Fordson F (NGM-V562)

’17 Fordson F (NGM-V562)

'19 Fordson (NGM-V561)

’19 Fordson (NGM-V561)

Fordson 22

’22 Fordson Industriel (NGM-V542)

V008 Fordson RU

’28 Fordson (NGM-V508)

'29 Case 'L' (NGM-V556)

’29 Case ‘L’ (NGM-V556)

'32 McCormick-Deering Farmall (NGM-V512)

’32 McCormick-Deering Farmall (NGM-V512)

V004 Universal

’34 McCormick Farmall (NGM-V504)

'35 John Deere 'A' (NGM-V511)

’35 John Deere ‘A’ (NGM-V511)

V130 McCormick F12

’35 McCormick F12 (NGM-V630)

'36 Massey Harris Challenger (NGM-V516)

’36 Massey Harris Challenger (NGM-V516)

'47 Allis Chalmers (NGM-V632)

’47 Allis Chalmers (NGM-V632)

'45 Fordson E27N (NGM-V619)

’45 Fordson E27N (NGM-V619)

'47 IH McCormick Deering W6 (NGM-V515)

’47 IH McCormick Deering W6 (NGM-V515)

49 Fordson

’49 Fordson E27N (NGM-V968)

'52 Farmall MTA (NGM-V623)

’52 Farmall MTA (NGM-V623)

'54 IH McCormick 300 (NGM-V513)

’54 IH McCormick 300 (NGM-V513)

'55 IH McCormick Farmal Super (NGM-V623)

’55 IH McCormick Farmal Super (NGM-V623)