Diecast Vehicles and Tractors

Finding quality, period diecast vehicles are very difficult at times to locate.  NGMC offers a wide array of vehicles (1/50,1/48,1/43), typically ranging from 1915 to 1934, that we have scrutinized for detail and scale.  Below is a sampling of the many vehicles we offer.  And though we typically have many of these on the shelf, the quantities of some vary from time to time.  So to order, we only offer these ‘direct.’  For our full line, see our NGMC Facebook page or contact us directly.

V883 M1 V882 Phaeton V881 M4151932 Ford Ertl 1934 Road SignatureV707 Model A YesteryearV723MackV703RV703CV703MV730b1934-Ford-Model-AV731 MackGAZV130 McCormick F12V069 Fordson IndustrialV062 Fordson FFarmallV008 Fordson RUV005 StalinetCletrac