Quality Paints & Brushes

NGMC has spent considerable time evaluating the ‘best’ paint brushes and ‘best’ paint colors, particularly those that match the colors of the former FLOQUIL brand of paints (see disclaimer below).  Over time we have added other colors, many of which the hobby stores and big box stores don’t.  The brands used to complete this offering include the following and are stated on each color:

  • Model Master (Testors) – Acrylic & Enamel
  • Tamiya – Acrylic
  • Vallejo – Acrylic


ENAMEL PAINT (durability or sheen):

ACRYLIC PAINT (all flat):

Disclaimer: NGMC can not guarantee the color exactly matches the former Floquil color, but the color matching appears similar based on RGB and CMYK numbers.  Also note, the paint options provided will not perform (e.g. spread, spray and dry) similar to Floquil and are provided as a color substitute only.